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Why Tecna

Why Choose Tecna Balancers?

At Tecna Balancers, we are dedicated to being the leading innovator in tool balancing and ergonomic equipment. For over 30 years, we have been committed to optimizing safety, comfort, and productivity for companies worldwide through our balancer and suspension solutions.

We offer the most extensive range of tool balancers and ergonomic equipment on the market. With capacities from 0.2 kg up to 180 kg and cable lengths up to 3 meters, our balancers are engineered to enhance productivity and reduce strain across virtually any industry and application.

Our balancers deliver numerous benefits:

  • Eliminate manual labor by providing weightless tool handling
  • Cut downtime by keeping tools instantly accessible
  • Improve quality by enabling precision tool control
  • Extend life of hoses and cables by keeping them off the ground
  • Prevent worker injuries and tool damage due to drops

We design our balancers for optimal usability and durability. Features like adjustable springs and swiveling hooks make operation smooth and intuitive. Robust housings withstand shop abuse.

Our balancers are engineered in Italy to the highest quality standards. We use only premium materials and an intensive manufacturing process to ensure our products provide unmatched performance and longevity. Tecna balancers are built to withstand even the most demanding industrial environments.

With a vast global footprint and distribution network, our balancers and parts are readily accessible for companies everywhere. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times and excellent customer service.

As a pioneer in tool balancing, we hold numerous patents and have several more pending. Our R&D team is constantly developing new features and enhancements.

Why Tecna

Unique Tecna Balancer Features

Tecna Balancers

Pendant Locking Device

Allows the operator to lock the balancer cable at a specific length, then unlock it to let the tool retract when released. Useful for inspection tasks.

Tecna Balancers

Friction Brake

Controls the speed of tool descent and ascent when released from or retracted into the balancer. Prevents jarring movements.

Tecna Balancers

Cable Stop Device

Enables stopping the balancer cable at a predefined height to act as a tool hanger. Simple operation for the user.

At Tecna Balancers, we pride ourselves on being innovators. Our in-house engineering team is constantly developing new ergonomic features to continue pushing the envelope in tool handling safety and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our latest innovations!