If your once-smooth operating tool balancers have begun acting up, don’t despair. We can get your units running like new with proper maintenance and repairs.

As the leading expert in tool balancer equipment, Tecna Balancers offers comprehensive tool balancer repair, rebuilding, and maintenance services to extend the lifespan of your existing investments. Read on to learn about our capabilities or contact us to discuss restoring your underperforming balancers.

Signs Your Tool Balancer Needs Repair

While Tecna’s balancers are built to last, constant use inevitably leads to wear and tear over time. Watch for these signs that your unit may require professional service:

  • Slow or uneven retraction – Damaged internal components are restricting smooth cable movement.
  • Tool drift – If a balanced tool slowly drifts from its set position, the spring needs re-tensioning.
  • Loose mounts – Check for loose ceiling anchors or cracked housing mounts.
  • Cable damage – Fraying or kinks deserve immediate cable replacement to avoid sudden failure.
  • Noise – Grinding noises point to worn bearings or rubbing internal parts.
  • Locking failures – Issues with brake or locking mechanisms not engaging properly.

Don’t wait until tool balancers exhibit multiple severe symptoms before servicing. Contact us at the first sign of problems to avoid disruptive mid-process failures.

Tool Balancer Repair

Tecna Balancer Repair Capabilities

Our experienced technicians can expertly diagnose and fix any issue with your tool balancer, including:

  • Spring and cable replacements – Install new springs if tension weakens and replace worn cables.
  • Bearing and pulley repairs – Replace damaged components affecting smooth cable travel.
  • Locking mechanism refurbishment – Fix unresponsive brakes and lock systems.
  • Housing repairs – Weld cracks, replace broken mounts or straighten deformation from impact.
  • Full rebuilds – Completely disassemble, inspect, and rebuild with any necessary new parts.
  • Obsolete model upgrades – Retrofit outdated balancers with modern safety mechanisms.
  • Load testing – Confirm that repaired units meet OEM specifications across the full capacity range.
  • Refurbishment services – Thorough cleaning, lubrication, and painting restore appearance.

Tool Balancer Preventative Maintenance

To maximise the interval between repairs and extend useful life, we recommend a preventative maintenance program:

  • Cable inspections – Check for fraying or damage monthly. Replace if compromised.
  • Function tests – Verify spring tension, locking, and retraction monthly.
  • Fastener checks– Confirm all mounting hardware remains tight.
  • Load testing – Periodically test unit function at max rated capacity.
  • Cleanliness – Wipe down housing and keep cable tracks clear of debris.

Proactive maintenance reduces wear-related failures and keeps your tool balancers operating smoothly for years beyond their normal lifespan.

Spring Balancer Repair

Trust the Tool Balancer Repair Experts

Don’t leave productivity and worker safety at risk due to dysfunctional tool balancers. As the leading balancer manufacturer, Tecna has the expertise to quickly troubleshoot issues and complete repairs using strict OEM standards and genuine replacement parts.

We offer fast turnarounds to minimise process downtime. And you receive a full warranty on all repair work performed. Rediscover how smooth and reliable your tool balancers operate after being serviced by the pros.

Contact Tecna Balancers today to request repair quotes, schedule maintenance, or implement a preventative service plan. We look forward to restoring your tool balancers to peak performance.