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Large Inventory in Stock

We maintain a sizable stock of all standard balancer models so you get the equipment you need without delay. Our huge product selection means we can outfit any operation.

Highly Competitive Pricing

As a top-volume distributor, we leverage purchasing power to offer the most competitive tool balancer pricing around. We can also offer additional discounts for large quantity orders.

National UK Full-Service Repairs

Our on-site service department can expertly troubleshoot issues and complete repairs to keep your Tecna balancers running smoothly. Genuine OEM parts ensure quality and reliability.

Ergonomic Tool Handling Solutions for Industry

Welcome to Tecna Balancers, your specialist supplier of tool balancers and ergonomic equipment for over 30 years. Our innovative tool and spring balancers help leading companies across manufacturing, construction, automotive, and other industries work smarter, safer, and more efficiently.

At Tecna Balancers, we provide a complete range of tool balancers to suit any industry need:

  • Tool Balancers – Our signature spring-loaded balancers create weightless tool handling.
  • Spring Balancers – Traditional coil spring balancers for versatile load support.
  • Repairs and Servicing – Expert maintenance and repairs to keep balancers running smoothly.
  • Tool Balancer Parts – We provide genuine Tecna spare parts for all tool & spring balancers.

All of our products are engineered for unrivaled quality, ease of use, and ergonomic performance. Browse our online catalog to find the ideal tool-handling solution for your unique requirements.


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At Tecna Balancers, we provide a comprehensive range of innovative tool balancers to create a healthier, more productive workplace. Our expertly engineered spring balancers are designed to reduce injuries, fatigue, and strain while increasing output and comfort. By implementing our ergonomic products, you can optimise workflow, boost morale, and future-proof operations against the toll of manual labor. Browse our extensive selection of market-leading tool balancers to find the ideal solutions for maximising precision and efficiency in your unique workplace. Equip your team with the latest in ergonomic tool handling from Tecna Balancers.

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Why Choose Tecna Balancers?

With Tecna Balancers, we provide more than just tool balancers. We become your partner, committed to optimising safety, comfort, and productivity in your workplace.

We continually innovate to bring the latest tool suspension technologies like pendant locking devices and friction brakes to the market. Our in-house engineering team can even create customised solutions tailored to your exact needs.

And with our UK-based facilities, we can quickly deliver products and support. Focus on what matters – your operations – while we handle equipping your workshop with ergonomic tool-handling equipment.

Contact our experts today to discuss outfitting your team with tool balancers and other equipment designed to reduce fatigue, prevent injuries, and boost productivity. We look forward to helping you achieve a happier, healthier, and more efficient working environment.