Implementing new tool balancers in your facility? Proper installation is critical to realising their full benefits. At Tecna Balancers, we offer professional balancer mounting and setup services to ensure your equipment operates smoothly and safely.

As experts in tool balancers, our experienced technicians follow meticulous processes to position and calibrate your new tool balancers for optimal ergonomic performance. Discover our installation services and how proper setup improves functionality.

Why Proper Installation Matters

Even premium tool balancers will underperform or even malfunction without careful installation in the right locations. Poor mounting or calibration leads to problems like:

  • Excess operator fatigue from improper spring tensioning
  • Reduced maneuverability due to cramped positioning
  • Safety issues from weak mounting points or misaligned components
  • Unnecessary wear and tear from cables scraping across surfaces
  • Haphazard storage locations leading to tripping hazards
  • Difficulty accessing tools suspended too high or low

But our expert installation team focuses on all the details for seamless integration into your workspace, including:

  • Identifying robust overhead mounting points to support maximum loads
  • Optimising balancer locations for easy tool access and full coverage
  • Adjusting spring tension for precise tool weight offset
  • Checking full retractability to avoid pinches or snags
  • Verifying smooth operation throughout range of motion
  • Training staff on proper use, care, and inspection

Spring Balancer Installation

Our Step-By-Step Installation Process

We follow a rigorous installation protocol to ensure flawless setup and operation:


  • Evaluate workflow, tool weights, and movement needed to determine optimal balancer types and locations.


  • Select suitable overhead anchor points to support peak loads and use reinforced mounting hardware.


  • Adjust balancer locations side-to-side and front-to-back for ideal tool coverage relative to users.


  • Set cable orientations to provide comfortable hand positioning and minimise twisting.


  • Fine-tune spring tension until tools float neutrally at all positions.


  • Test retraction and full tool movement envelope to make sure no issues.


  • Review standard operating procedures, safety, care, and maintenance with staff.

With our methodical installation process, your tool balancing system will deliver maximum performance, functionality, and ROI.

Full-Service Installation Options

Tecna Balancers offers flexible tool balancer installation support:

  • Complete turnkey installation services
  • Assistance your team with the new balancer setup
  • Complex multi-balancer rail systems
  • Individual unit installations
  • Layout consulting and workstation recommendations

We provide cost-effective solutions scaled for any application:

Single Balancers

Ideal for integrating one or two balancers into an existing process.

Workstation Outfitting

Comprehensive installation for an entire workbench or station.

Multi-Unit Solutions

Full installation services for large balancer rail systems.

Facility-Wide Programs

Balancers deployed across entire operations for maximum ergonomic benefit.

Trust the Tool Balancing Experts

Don’t leave the potential of your tool balancing investment unrealised due to subpar installation. Our expert teams deliver Tecna’s renowned balancers fully optimised for your unique environment and tasks.

Experience firsthand how seamless professional mounting and positioning enhances your tool balancers’ performance, safety, and ROI. Contact Tecna Balancers today to schedule your installation or request a workflow consultation.