If your employees frequently handle heavy power tools and equipment, implementing an ergonomic tool balancer is one of the smartest investments you can make. At Tecna Balancers, we offer a diverse range of tool balancers to eliminate fatigue and strain from maneuvering burdensome loads.

Critical Tool Balancer Specifications

Two key specifications to consider are:

  • Load capacity – The maximum weight the balancer can safely support. Match this to your tooling weight.
  • Cable reach – The fully extended length from the spring housing to the tool hook. Consider your range of motion needs.


Key Factors in Selecting Tool Balancers

Choosing the right tool balancer depends on:

  • Tool weight – Select adequate capacity up to 400 lbs, allowing for attachments.
  • Mounting height – Suspend balancer directly above primary work zone.
  • Cable length – Pick the length to cover the required tool motion.
  • Work conditions – Explosion-proof models offered for hazards.
  • Total load – Calculate combined weights if balancing multiple tools.
  • Mobility needs – Some feature removable mounts for portability.

Consult our experts to determine the ideal options for your unique application requirements and workspace.


Specialty Tool Balancer Solutions

Tecna offers tool balancers engineered for specialised work environments:

ATEX-Certified Spark Proof Tool Balancers

ATEX Certified Tool Balancers

Our ATEX-certified tool balancers are designed to prevent accidental ignition of flammable atmospheres. The anti-static construction eliminates sparking, making these balancers ideal for hazardous locations such as oil refineries, chemical plants, petrochemical facilities, plastics manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, mining operations, grain processing, and anywhere there is risk of combustion from flammable gases, vapors or dusts. Tecna pioneered ATEX-rated tool balancers and remains committed to introducing ergonomic material handling solutions to high-risk industrial environments.





Air Hose Reel Balancers

Air Hose Tool Balancers

Tecna’s air hose reel balancers are specialty designs engineered to perfectly counterbalance suspended pneumatic hoses, power tools, and equipment. This customized reel system provides an ergonomic solution for safely managing compressed air lines, impact wrenches, staplers, spray guns, blowguns, vacuum hoses, and other compressed air-powered tools. By offsetting the weight of dangling hoses and attachments, these balancers prevent strain and tripping hazards associated with typical air line setups. Workers can comfortably operate air tools for extended periods without fatigue. With models suitable for any type of pneumatic equipment, Tecna’s air hose balancers boost productivity and precision for tasks requiring compressed air.




ESD-Safe Static Proof Tool Balancers

ESD Safe Tool Balancers

Tecna’s ESD-safe tool balancers utilise static dissipative housings and grounding points to prevent electrostatic discharge during handling. This makes them perfectly suited for electronics manufacturing, printed circuit board assembly, computer component fabrication, microchip and RAM module production, or any process involving sensitive electrical components that could be damaged by sudden electrostatic shocks. With rigorous certification to ESD standards, these innovative balancers protect vulnerable electronics and reduce failures and downtime. They allow safe positioning of PCBs, component trays, and other static-prone materials without constant re-grounding of operators.




Food Industry Wash Proof Tool Balancers

Food Industry Tool Balancer

Constructed entirely from washdown-compatible stainless steel, our food grade tool balancers enable hygienic operation in demanding food production and processing facilities. Their sanitary construction withstands frequent caustic cleaning and sanitization procedures without corroding or harboring bacteria. NSF-rated lubricants prevent any risk of contamination or food safety hazards. By providing effortless maneuvering of food prep tools and equipment, these balancers boost productivity while maintaining cleanliness in settings such as commercial kitchens, bakeries, meat and dairy plants, canning/bottling lines, and other sensitive food handling environments. Their durable sealed housings also enable reliable performance in outdoor and wet settings.




Inox Tool Balancers

Inox Rope Tool Balancer

For extreme durability, Tecna’s inox tool balancers feature heavy-duty stainless steel construction designed to withstand the most demanding shop conditions. Their robust builds resist corrosion from caustic chemicals, humidity, frequent washdowns, wide temperature fluctuations, and physically abusive environments. Inox balancers provide reliable performance in settings such as foundries, forging operations, metal processing facilities, plating shops, chemical processing plants, outdoor applications, and anywhere that requires equipment to shrug off punishment while still operating smoothly. By combining stainless materials with Tecna’s signature precision balancing mechanisms, these tool balancers enable safe, ergonomic handling even in harsh industrial work zones.




Contact our team to implement specialty solutions optimised for your unique industry and operating conditions.

Integrated Tool Balancer Safety Features

Tecna models provide built-in safety elements to maximise reliability:

  • Secondary safety cables – Retain load if the main cable fails
  • Swivel hooks – Prevent cable twisting and winding
  • Brake systems – Arrest falls and uncontrolled retraction
  • Overload protection – Avoid lifting beyond rated capacity

Proper selection, installation, and training ensure safe operation.


Careful selection of the right Tecna tool balancer for your application along with proper installation and operator training will maximize ergonomics, precision, and productivity when handling heavy equipment and machinery. Contact our experts to determine the ideal solutions for your workplace needs.